Business and Company Structures

Business and Company Structures


It is important that a business has the best company structure. Without the right structure, a business may fail. This can occur at any time in the business’ lifetime (ideally at conception) and it is never too late to restructure.

Why do you need a lawyer?

Lawyers work closely with accountants/business consultants in relation to structuring or restructuring of a business to draft the appropriate documents and raise any risks associated with the structure.

How we can help you?

We work closely and inclusively with other professionals to ensure that the business is adequately advised of which structure is best and the risks involved with the structure from a legal, tax and accounting perspective. We are realistic and commercial in our advice and have the best interest for the business always.

We also have good relationships with accountants, tax specialists, business consultants and restructuring teams who have the necessary expertise to provide you with the full-360 advice that you need.

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