Business Succession Plan

Business Succession Plan


Have you thought about what will happen to your business if something was to happen to you? Will the business have to close its doors and liquidate?

Why do you need a lawyer?

A lawyer can help you protect your business from death by asking the hard questions that you may not have had the time to think of, drafting adequate documents to protect the key stakeholders of the business and advise you of the options.

How we can help you?

We deal with different types of business (industry, size, turnover, family) at all different stages of their business. We have the experience to adequately advise businesses on their needs and ask the difficult questions to the owners / shareholders of the business.

Our Wills and Estate team works closely with our Commercial team under one partner, Vivian Nguyen, and is able to share knowledge across the team to ensure that all areas are adequately covered from a personal and business perspective.

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