Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property


Intellectual Property has three main areas as follows:

  1. Copyright: 
    Copyright is not a registered right of ownership of intellectual property however, if you create something, you have a right not to have it copied.
  2. Trademarks:
    This is a registered “mark” that identifies your business, and is registered on ATMOSS.
  3. Patents:
    This is the intellectual property right that protects inventions, that is, how new things actually work.

Why do you need a lawyer?

We are experienced in drafting ‘cease and desist’ letters for infringing conduct, providing advice on and registering trademarks within different industries, ensuring that intellectual property rights are adequately protected within contractual arrangements and giving advice on the requirements of new inventions.

Intellectual property in Australia is highly regulated and is quite a complex area of law. It is important that you engage a lawyer who is across the different types of intellectual property who can adequately protect your rights.

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