Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions


Buying or selling a business and anywhere in between including, but not limited to, Contracts for Sale of Business, Business Sale Agreements, Heads of Agreement, Sale of Equipment, Due Diligence Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements or Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Why do you need a lawyer?

Running a business is risky. Buying or selling a business is likely going to be the riskiest purchase or sale you will ever be involved in.

A lawyer can draft the relevant legal documents, ensure that things are done right, help negotiate the deal, legal due diligence and assist in settlement of the business sale/purchase.

How we can help you?

We know and appreciate that deals can happen very quickly and the last thing you need are lawyers to be killing the momentum.

As a result, we want to be involved in the initial stages of negotiation to ensure that you are aware of all the legal risks that could change the course of the deal. In these initial stages we are happy to help you get sale ready (e.g. introduce you to the right business consultant etc) and strategise with you before going to the market.

Once the offers are solid, we are able to assist in the legal drafting of the document. As we have been involved from the early stages, we will be able to tailor your Agreement to your specific needs. We will then guide you through the sale/purchase process and ensure that all matters are attended to in a timely manner.

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