Our History

HNT Legal is a combination of Mark Turnbull & Co Solicitors in Pendle Hill and Matthew Hammond Solicitors in Smithfield.

On the one hand, we can trace our origins back to the mid-1950s when Keith Thomas set up a firm in the nearby suburb of Pendle Hill. At the time, Pendle Hill and Sydney’s Western suburbs was a destination for a number of European immigrants chiefly from England, Malta and Italy.

In the 1960s Mr Thomas extended a partnership to David St John. David worked at the firm for about 40 years, building up considerable trust and respect in the local community and the profession. Together, their working philosophy was to provide the finest legal service possible.

In the early 2000’s, Mark Turnbull joined the firm and he was deemed suitable to be a successor. Together, with David Cleverley, they operated under the name of Mark Turnbull & Co and expanded their client base to include financial institutions, academics, other lawyers, judges and corporations. Despite this, they still maintained their strong presence in the local area.

On the other hand, Matthew Hammond founded Matthew Hammond Solicitors over a decade ago and built it to become a recognisable legal firm specialising in Criminal Law and Litigation.

In 2012, Matthew took over Mark Turnbull & Co and made a significant move to merge the practices and relocating them to Australia’s Next Great City, Parramatta.

Soon after, Matthew brought in Vivian Nguyen and together they have introduced significant upgrades to all facets of the firm, focusing primarily on client service.

Today, the firm, Hammond Nguyen Turnbull, still represent and assist some of the clients from Mr Thomas’ era, their children and even their grandchildren.

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