If you are dissatisfied with your result in the Local or District Court of New South Wales, all hope is not lost!

You have a right to appeal your conviction and/or the severity of your sentence for a higher Court to review.

The appeal process can be quite complex and lengthy, and there are strict timeframes and procedures that must be adhered to.

How can we help?

Here at HNT, we have acted for clients in appeals to the District Court and Supreme Court and have had serious convictions overturned and sentences significantly reduced.

We have also appeared in the High Court of Australia to determine the scope of certain charges.

We are well versed in the appeals process, involving reviewing the material from the initial court proceedings, obtaining merit advice from Counsel where appropriate, identifying grounds of appeal, drafting and filing submissions in support of the appeal, and appearing as an advocate or instructing Counsel at the Appeal Hearing.

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