David Cleverley

DAVID CLEVERLEY, Senior Associate  

David Cleverley is a very experienced family lawyer and litigator who is highly respected amongst his peers as both an agile strategist and a strong advocate. During his time at HNT Legal, David has provided guidance and opinion to other solicitors in the firm and has represented numerous clients in a number of complex litigation matters.

David is mindful and conscious of using his client’s resources as effectively and wisely as possible. He is committed to his clients and seeks agreements where possible, but is also ready, willing and able to fight for your rights and entitlements, no matter what the circumstance.

David is always friendly and approachable and prides himself on his deep respect and value of all people, no matter their background, occupation etc.

Away from work, David has two beautiful children and a household full of pets. He enjoys learning about World War II and history.

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