Commercial Leases

Commercial Leases


You should make sure that you have a proper lease in place where you have a residential or commercial property (retail or commercial) that you wish to rent out.

Why do you need a lawyer?

The laws are skewed against Landlords and are more favourable for Tenants. As a result, it is important to ensure that your agreement is in plain English and in writing so that there is no room for dispute and you have something to rely on.

Alternatively, if you are a tenant, we are able to pick apart a Lease and find you avenues to achieve your desired goals.

How we can help you?

We have fixed pricing for standard residential, retail and commercial leases. We are aware of the commerciality of drafting a Lease and ensure that this does not outweigh the rent that you receive. We can assist with negotiations of the terms of Leases from simple leases to complex matters.

Our property team and litigation team work closely under one Partner, Vivian Nguyen, and therefore, our property team are constantly aware of the pitfalls that landlords or tenants fall into.

We also assist you from the drafting or reviewing of the Lease all the way to the execution and receipt or payment of bond monies. We liaise directly with the landlord/tenant or agent the entire time.

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